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 Aegeas Camping is among to the Aegean sea and big mountains which gives you the opportunity to find out and visit beautiful and differently destinations. So if you are someone who loves walking around nature or a person of adventure you can have some activities at the mountain of Kissavos or to nearest villages such as Skiti and Melivia, Sklirthro ,Agia ,Metaxohori.





Path Melivia - Velika



The trail starts from the beautiful village of Melivia (420m altitude) towards the beach of Velika stretching to the Aegean Sea . The path that is sometimes parallel to the stream of Velika sometimes through the forest in an environment of chestnut trees  and walnut trees.


Along the way you will encounter wooden bridges , benches for rest or food and a source of running water . If you follow the signs , at about halfway , you will be directed to a small waterfall that ends at a small lake that you can swim . The distance is approximately 2:30 hours to the sea. The route is easily accessible for all , click on the link to go to the site of the Municipality Melivia where you will find the map of the trail .




Forest of Polydedri


The forest of Polydendri located in Maurovounio mount and is 30 km. far away from Agia and 67 far away from Larissa. There is the famous former royal estate Polydendri area 34.791 hectares and altitude 1,054 m. It is one of the most organized, rich flora and fauna, the country's forests. Bordered by two streams, the "Bubbles" and "Rakopotamos". The unique beauty of vegetation and generally mild slopes soil make a space with great interest, ideal for leisure visits, relaxation, rejuvenation and a variety of activities such as hiking or cycle in paths.

The stream of "Rakopotamos" has water all year round and is ideal for Canyoning . From a team of experienced escorts organized beautiful route (April-August) starting from Mavrovounio and ending in the Aegean sea through dense vegetation, natural lakes and rappel waterfalls height 8-37 meters. The sources of the stream, at "Vella" the forest filled with fir trees, forming a landscape that captures the eye.

Here are built two churches, the Church of Panagia of Polydendri with the huge oak tree next to the church, which celebrates at the 15th of August. The temple is built in the mid of 16th century. Decorated with paintings of very good art, and ancient inscriptions in the Temple flooring is evidence that there existed ancient temple.


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